Want to Get Some Natural Beauty? Natural Skin Care is Your Catch

Skin is a complete organ of human body and poses a great importance for humans. It saves the whole human body from the dangers of outside world and at the same time gives beauty and appearance to the humans. Its beauty owes to the two factors, inner body health and outside skin care. If you combine good health with natural skin care, there is no doubt that you get extra ordinary results. Through a systematic natural skin care method you can keep your skin glowing and looking young. Here is a brief of how you can do the best for your skin:

How to Get Natural Beauty

Yoga is an optimum way to keep your physical health free of any disorder and your skin juvenile. Yoga is practiced outside in the morning hours when the air is full of fresh and clean oxygen. By practicing some common moves of yoga outside in the open, you inhale a good amount of oxygen which spreads all over your body by mixing in your blood. This is very good for your skin and cardiac health.

Another way to natural skin care is to avoid constipation, anemia and consumption of too many spices. While you use external methods to enhance your beauty, focus on what you eat and what is your daily schedule of working and sleeping. Lack of sleep causes black eye circles which look very ugly on beautiful faces. Consumption of excessive alcohol, tea and coffee harms your skin badly. Lessen the consumption of caffeine and alcohol and increase taking fresh juices and simple water most of your day.

Use of lemon in food and squeezing it in drinking water in the morning solves many skin problems. Lemon juice is equally good for consumption as food and applying on skin as lotion. For natural skin care, use lemon juice mixed with fuller’s earth until it forms a fine paste. Apply this paste on your skin and leave it to dry. Then wash your face with water.

Among the top natural beauty tips for skin comes rose water, lemon juice and honey. Apply a mixture of these on your skin for an hour and then wash it with plain water. While your skin is still moist, softly massage it with any lotion that is for your skin type. This smoothens your skin and keeps it glowing for the rest of the day.

In case of staying in a dusty environment, rub your exposed parts of body with olive oil and wash them with simple water. Then make paste of gram flour with water and apply a thin layer on the same body parts. Keep on rubbing in different directions by adding water drop by drop. After three to four minutes wash with ample water. You can use any mild soap to remove the smell of flour. This is the best natural skin care method to save you from the bad effects of sunlight or dust.

Natural skin care can help you cure acne as well. Crush a piece of bitter gourd and squeeze it in a thin cotton cloth or gauge. Apply the bitter juice on all the area with acne for about half an hour then wash it with plain water. Do not apply anything immediately after that.