Say It With A Kiss: Health Benefits Of Kissing

Kissing is the passionate universal language. You can express many things with a kiss. But did you know that kissing also contributes to better overall health. Not only does kissing crank up your health, it’s a two way street, your partner benefits as well. Health benefits of kissing surprisingly include a younger looking you. Learn why health is the latest reason to say I love you with a kiss.

For Your Teeth:

Kissing is a natural way to achieve cleaner teeth. Dr. Stephen D’Souza, who works in the dental field, says that kissing helps to break down oral plaque. Kissing also prevents cavities by the creation of saliva, which helps keep bacteria in check. When you kiss saliva is actually washing out your mouth and removing cavity causing particles. Kiss more often and enjoy the benefits of a whiter smile.

For Your Body:

In the Journal Medical Hypotheses a study was published on the health benefits of kissing stating that kissing can amp up a woman’s immunity, immunity from Cytomegalovirus to be exact. Cytomegalovirus is a virus that is very harmful to babies in the womb as it can cause blindness and other birth defects. This virus will only effect you if you are pregnant. Kissing also doubles your metabolic rate. This makes it beneficial to weight loss as well. Kissing burns around 3 calories a minute or 180 an hour.

For Your Heart:

Health benefits of kissing include not only a great feeling in your heart, but also a healthier heart. The chemical hormone adrenaline is released when you kiss. This hormone promotes heart health. Adrenaline makes your heart pump more blood around your body. This further helps to lower blood pressure and improves blood circulation in the body. Kissing is a very good stress-reliever, as it helps to lower the level of cortisol in your body and helps you to relax. Few things beat a heartfelt kiss for giving you that after kiss high. To boost you (and your partner’s) mood kissing can work wonders.

For Your Face:

Kissing benefits for health involves firming up your face. A kiss can involve the movement of 32 facial muscles and 112 other muscles throughout your body. Kiss more and it might just be toning up your whole body. A kissing session will increase the blood circulation of your face and give you a younger looking complexion. Circulation is great for anti aging and a youthful appearance.