Causes of male infertility and low quality of sperm in men

The Marquis and the CSIC Institute of Spain as part of an investigation into the causes of male infertility, has found that pollution generates an accumulation of toxic substances in breast milk which is consumed by the baby may be responsible for low quality of sperm in men.

This study therefore provides value to the hypothesis that environmental pollution can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy and lactation, which is responsible for male infertility in adulthood.

The survey measured concentrations of 38 chemicals in breast milk of 34 women and 34 Catalan Galician and the result showed that the former had a percentage of contaminants in milk 4 times higher. This is due to the industrialization of each area and the habits of life of women and the type of food they carry.

Some of the toxic substances found in breast milk act like female hormones and therefore lower the sperm concentration, causes genital malformations and testicular damage. This toxin accumulate in body fat reserves, and as breast milk is rich in fat accumulation therein thereof is much greater than elsewhere in the body. Similarly specialists stress that is still recommended because breast milk provides immune defenses and the solution to the problems of male infertility does not pass through the chest to stop giving as children but to avoid exposure to toxins.

Some are found toxic polychlorinated biphenyls, which is banned in most of the world but as used regularly in the electricity sector and agrochemical is still in the water and sediments were also found organochlorine pesticides which are used to eliminate crop pests.

On the other hand were found flame retardants in plastics and foams, which were used in the 80′s but still remain in the air, indoor dust, freshwater fish, eggs of birds, animals and marine sediments.