Want to Get Some Natural Beauty? Natural Skin Care is Your Catch

Skin is a complete organ of human body and poses a great importance for humans. It saves the whole human body from the dangers of outside world and at the same time gives beauty and appearance to the humans. Its beauty owes to the two factors, inner body health and outside skin care. If you combine good health with natural skin care, there is no doubt that you get extra ordinary results. Through a systematic natural skin care method you can keep your skin glowing and looking young. Here is a brief of how you can do the best for your skin:

How to Get Natural Beauty

Yoga is an optimum way to keep your physical health free of any disorder and your skin juvenile. Yoga is practiced outside in the morning hours when the air is full of fresh and clean oxygen. By practicing some common moves of yoga outside in the open, you inhale a good amount of oxygen which spreads all over your body by mixing in your blood. This is very good for your skin and cardiac health.

Another way to natural skin care is to avoid constipation, anemia and consumption of too many spices. While you use external methods to enhance your beauty, focus on what you eat and what is your daily schedule of working and sleeping. Lack of sleep causes black eye circles which look very ugly on beautiful faces. Consumption of excessive alcohol, tea and coffee harms your skin badly. Lessen the consumption of caffeine and alcohol and increase taking fresh juices and simple water most of your day.

Use of lemon in food and squeezing it in drinking water in the morning solves many skin problems. Lemon juice is equally good for consumption as food and applying on skin as lotion. For natural skin care, use lemon juice mixed with fuller’s earth until it forms a fine paste. Apply this paste on your skin and leave it to dry. Then wash your face with water.

Among the top natural beauty tips for skin comes rose water, lemon juice and honey. Apply a mixture of these on your skin for an hour and then wash it with plain water. While your skin is still moist, softly massage it with any lotion that is for your skin type. This smoothens your skin and keeps it glowing for the rest of the day.

In case of staying in a dusty environment, rub your exposed parts of body with olive oil and wash them with simple water. Then make paste of gram flour with water and apply a thin layer on the same body parts. Keep on rubbing in different directions by adding water drop by drop. After three to four minutes wash with ample water. You can use any mild soap to remove the smell of flour. This is the best natural skin care method to save you from the bad effects of sunlight or dust.

Natural skin care can help you cure acne as well. Crush a piece of bitter gourd and squeeze it in a thin cotton cloth or gauge. Apply the bitter juice on all the area with acne for about half an hour then wash it with plain water. Do not apply anything immediately after that.

Say It With A Kiss: Health Benefits Of Kissing

Kissing is the passionate universal language. You can express many things with a kiss. But did you know that kissing also contributes to better overall health. Not only does kissing crank up your health, it’s a two way street, your partner benefits as well. Health benefits of kissing surprisingly include a younger looking you. Learn why health is the latest reason to say I love you with a kiss.

For Your Teeth:

Kissing is a natural way to achieve cleaner teeth. Dr. Stephen D’Souza, who works in the dental field, says that kissing helps to break down oral plaque. Kissing also prevents cavities by the creation of saliva, which helps keep bacteria in check. When you kiss saliva is actually washing out your mouth and removing cavity causing particles. Kiss more often and enjoy the benefits of a whiter smile.

For Your Body:

In the Journal Medical Hypotheses a study was published on the health benefits of kissing stating that kissing can amp up a woman’s immunity, immunity from Cytomegalovirus to be exact. Cytomegalovirus is a virus that is very harmful to babies in the womb as it can cause blindness and other birth defects. This virus will only effect you if you are pregnant. Kissing also doubles your metabolic rate. This makes it beneficial to weight loss as well. Kissing burns around 3 calories a minute or 180 an hour.

For Your Heart:

Health benefits of kissing include not only a great feeling in your heart, but also a healthier heart. The chemical hormone adrenaline is released when you kiss. This hormone promotes heart health. Adrenaline makes your heart pump more blood around your body. This further helps to lower blood pressure and improves blood circulation in the body. Kissing is a very good stress-reliever, as it helps to lower the level of cortisol in your body and helps you to relax. Few things beat a heartfelt kiss for giving you that after kiss high. To boost you (and your partner’s) mood kissing can work wonders.

For Your Face:

Kissing benefits for health involves firming up your face. A kiss can involve the movement of 32 facial muscles and 112 other muscles throughout your body. Kiss more and it might just be toning up your whole body. A kissing session will increase the blood circulation of your face and give you a younger looking complexion. Circulation is great for anti aging and a youthful appearance.

Laser Skin Tightening Treatment Is Best Choice Instead Of Cosmetic Surgery

As we all know that everyone wants to make their skin more glow and smooth, but after crossing certain age period the skin gets damaged. Skin will loses its texture and firmness so the skin becomes elasticity loses the taut, and this is common for human skin but there is remedy for all problems even for skin tightening the laser skin treatment is more beneficial and treatment is becoming very popular in these days. There are different set of option for treating the skin first of all find out the availability of treatments by the experts and get consults with the doctor before undergoing the treatment with laser methods. Unfortunately the laser skin tightening treatments is little bit expensive but the results are amazing so more number of clients is growing day by day for this choice of treatment. Instead of trying with unknown treatments, laser skin tightening treatments is more popular with its results, so the investment for this treatment is quite worth for spending money it. When your skin loses its firm after long years then here is solution for skin tightening without any damage for skin.

Reasons for choosing laser skin tightening treatment

There are important things need to keep in mind before choosing the laser skin tightening Toronto is good choice for laser treatment, because they are more experienced in this treatment and satisfied thousands of clients in this treatment. Whether you are struggling with skin problems like wrinkles, acne, scars, or wants youthful glow then go for laser skin treatment this is perfect solution for millions of people. This is because the procedures in the treatment are very simple and no more complication so major number of people chooses this type of treatment for their various skin enhancing procedures. If the skin looks dull, old, with more spots, then laser is the answer for getting glower skin, smoother, reveal newer skin is possible only by the laser skin tightening treatments. There are different types of treatments but understand the availability of treatment and know which is perfect for your skin by getting consult with doctors. Laser treatments are more popular, which minimize the skin issues with instant results and at same causing any damage to skin.

Choosing the right clinic

If anyone decides to go for laser skin treatment for any needs then it’s important to know about their benefits and what are the problems are treated by this method. Generally laser skin treatment is used of removing unwanted hairs, acne, over exposure to environment pollutions, sun damage, wrinkles, lightening the skin, tightening the skin, removing birthmarks and more problems are treated by these laser treatments. Even for removing black heads, white heads and pimples are very effectively by the laser treatment. The advancement of technology in the laser methods is extremely popular around the world, which is amazing treatment in the medicinal world which provides multiple benefits for the user. More information and different types of laser treatment can be known through the consultant to know better about the treatment.

Causes of male infertility and low quality of sperm in men

The Marquis and the CSIC Institute of Spain as part of an investigation into the causes of male infertility, has found that pollution generates an accumulation of toxic substances in breast milk which is consumed by the baby may be responsible for low quality of sperm in men.

This study therefore provides value to the hypothesis that environmental pollution can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy and lactation, which is responsible for male infertility in adulthood.

The survey measured concentrations of 38 chemicals in breast milk of 34 women and 34 Catalan Galician and the result showed that the former had a percentage of contaminants in milk 4 times higher. This is due to the industrialization of each area and the habits of life of women and the type of food they carry.

Some of the toxic substances found in breast milk act like female hormones and therefore lower the sperm concentration, causes genital malformations and testicular damage. This toxin accumulate in body fat reserves, and as breast milk is rich in fat accumulation therein thereof is much greater than elsewhere in the body. Similarly specialists stress that is still recommended because breast milk provides immune defenses and the solution to the problems of male infertility does not pass through the chest to stop giving as children but to avoid exposure to toxins.

Some are found toxic polychlorinated biphenyls, which is banned in most of the world but as used regularly in the electricity sector and agrochemical is still in the water and sediments were also found organochlorine pesticides which are used to eliminate crop pests.

On the other hand were found flame retardants in plastics and foams, which were used in the 80′s but still remain in the air, indoor dust, freshwater fish, eggs of birds, animals and marine sediments.

Alternative Relief for Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is known for its many symptoms that for many women are bothersome enough for them to seek treatment. While there are traditional treatment protocols including HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy, there is alternative relief for menopause symptoms methods available as well.

Why Opt for Alternative Treatments

Hormone replacement therapy, anti-depressants and anti-inflammatories all may be of benefit in relieving menopausal symptoms. They all, however, come with side effects, some of which can put you in serious danger. Many women are now seeking to avoid these side effects, not the least of which is some form of cancer, heart attack, and/or strokes. In order to get away from these side effects, more natural and external treatments are being sought.

Alternative Treatments

Herbal treatments are very popular because they are effective, have few if any side effects, and are likely to be less costly than traditional treatments. Herbal supplements for menopause have some very common herbs including Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Wild Yam, Dong Quai, and Chasteberry.

Not every supplement will have every herb in them but for better effectiveness, they should at least have Black Cohosh. Top quality supplements will have had the metabolic paths of the ingredients examined at the molecular level and the interactions of the ingredients examined as well.

They will have been manufactured to meet pharmaceutical grade standards. These processes help to guarantee the quality from capsule to capsule. They also ensure the potency, safety, and effectiveness of the supplements.

Always get the advice of your doctor as some herbs can interfere with prescription medications you may be taking for other conditions.

Vitamin supplementation is also very popular. The B vitamins such as B2-Riboflavin, B6-Pyroxidine, and B12 Thiamin are all very effective in providing relief. Biotin is another B vitamin that is beneficial to menopause symptoms. Vitamins A, C, D and E are also instrumental in treating symptoms. Your doctor can advise you on the right combination and dosages of vitamins and minerals including magnesium and potassium, which are also are used in menopause treatments.

Phytoestrogens are an option. Phytoestrogens are plant estrogens that have very similar compounds as compared to human estrogens. These agents are called Isoflavones and Lingans. These can be found in the herb Red Clover. Soy, flax meal and linseed meal may help to reduce the atrophic effects on the vagina during menopause.

Focusing is a form of mental relaxation. The individual is trained to focus on their inner self. This process leads to the discovery of issues that may be preventing you from feeling good in your life. You are taught to listen to your body. It helps you to balance what you are feeling with what you are thinking. Once the balance is achieved, you can learn to cope with your menopausal symptoms.

Reiki is a non-invasive process, the goal of which is to unify the body’s energy symptoms. It aids the body in self-healing. The practitioner places their hands in specific patterns designed to connect to major body organ systems. You may during the treatment, feel warmth coming from the practitioner to the patient. Results may be seen immediately or over time. It is not meant to replace other treatments but to complement them.


There are many methods of alternative relief for menopause symptoms. Some of the traditional treatments come with very serious side effects. Many women seek to avoid these side effects and turn to natural and holistic type treatments. Herbs, vitamins & minerals, phytoestrogens, Focusing, and Reiki are all alternatives.

Before using any form of alternative treatments, consult with your physician to be certain they won’t interfere with other treatments you may be receiving.

If you want to feel not only health but achieve a general sense of well being, bee pollensupplements with omega 3 supplements (for omega 3 benefits) are a perfectcombination for day to day life.